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Whichlamps shines in Africa 19/01/11

Whichlamps has teamed up with French charity Cinema Numerique Ambulant to provide the joy of cinema to remote townships and villages across French speaking Africa.

Cinema Numerique Ambulant was created 10 years ago by Christian Lambert. In love with Africa and Cinema, Christian had a vision of providing the magic of film to Africans who were unable to discover it themselves. Christian also wanted to be able to help spread important messages that affected the lives of the people and continent he loved so dearly, such as AIDS, forced marriage and water treatment.

CNA now has 11 teams across Africa, all equipped with a mobile cinema - a 4x4 truck, a projection screen, sound system, generator and a video projector. Each team does 2 to 3 cinema tours per week. During each tour they play 3 movies per night - one short film, an emotive film and one fictional movie.

As a non-profitable association, CNA survives thanks to several local and European sponsors. Whichlamps is proud to be one of those sponsors and we are delighted to support the work being done by Christian Lambert and his team.